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We specialize in helping you beautify and maximize your outdoor spaces.
Garbage & Recycling

Hide your garbage/recycling in a customized enclosure made for you.

Flower Beds & Planters

Raised flower beds and planters are a great way to maximize your growing space and bringing color and beauty to your garden and deck.

Eaves Trough Diversion Systems

Protect your home by drawing rainwater and spring melt away from your house and direct its path where it can do no harm and/or to a rain barrel.

Winter & Yard Storage/Organization

Secure your yard furniture, toys and tools safely during harsh winter weather or summer storms while keeping your yard beautiful and your things accessible

Benches/Picnic Tables

Relax in a shady spot on a comfortable bench that will never have splinters or need to be painted or enjoy  company at your very own picnic table!


Vinyl is perfect for dog houses and kennels or runs because it remains cool to the touch and is tough enough to stand up to the most determined chewing and scratching efforts. Cats/rabbits and other smaller pets can also enjoy some outdoor time while protected by a custom created run. 

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