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Finally a sustainable fencing option that everyone can enjoy!
No wood. No work. No hassle.
Welcome to the low maintenance, exceptional durability and great looks of Decked Out Vinyl fencing and Railing.

More and more homeowners are choosing vinyl outdoor products. They’re choosing them because they want the classic look of wood without the upkeep or expense. No need to paint, stain or replace rotted boards damaged by water or insects. 

Surround Your Home in Style!

Choose your fence height and style and combine it with one of the many styles of railing with confidence, knowing our fences railings come in a full range of styles, are building-code rated and backed by the best Limited Lifetime Warranties in the business. Decked Out’s Tammy and Lyle will help you choose the best options to make your vision a reality.

Privacy Fences

Our durable vinyl fences come in a wide variety of privacy fence styles and colors and price ranges, including semi- privacy, solid or solid with accents. Even your neighbors will love your fence, because our vinyl fences are designed to look equally good from either side.

Picket Fence

Our picket fences come in a wide variety of styles and colors and price ranges, for a refined, low maintenance addition to your home, whatever your budget. Choose from closed picket, scalloped picket, and straight picket or customize with specialized caps for a unique look. A Decked Out Vinyl picket fence has no "bad side," so even your neighbors will be happy.

Ranch Rail

Decked Out ‘s ranch rail fence is a handsome addition to any home and property, large and small, creating the estate look you're looking for and can be used with decks as well.


Ranch FENCE gallery

Picket FENCE gallery

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