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Frequently Asked Questions

Why vinyl?

Maintenance, repair and replacement of fencing and decking are a major (and continuous) expense. Vinyl has become an increasingly popular long-term solution to these problems.

Vinyl never has to be painted or stained. The UV inhibitor stops yellowing, and the color goes all the way through the material so that scratches and gouges are almost invisible. The posts are also made of 100% vinyl and will never rot, shrink, decompose or rust like a traditional wood or iron fence post eventually will. While wood or iron does initially cost less than vinyl, that advantage is quickly lost because of the costs of painting, repair maintenance and replacement.

Decked Out offers a lifetime warranty, and therefore after installation the only thing you need to worry about is occasionally rinsing off your fence or deck.

How strong is vinyl?

Vinyl is impact-modified for flexibility and overall durability.
All Decked out Vinyl Product’s meet or exceed the necessary requirements.

Is vinyl safe for children & animals?

Vinyl products have smooth surfaces with no sharp edges, nails or splinters.
You, your children, and pets are all safer.

What is the warranty?

All of our products carry a lifetime warranty against yellowing, tearing, peeling, rotting, splintering, rusting & corroding.

What is vinyl made of?

The basic ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) modified to provide superior impact strength and ultraviolet (UV) resistance.

Why is vinyl more expensive than wood?

Very simply, it’s not! Although your initial investment is higher, this is where your expense ends.
The cost difference is quickly overcome once the substantial cost of continuous maintenance of a wood or metal fence is calculated.
Vinyl fence, deck, railing and garden products are the most economical way to go, saving you time and money.

Will vinyl break in cold weather?

Vinyl does become less flexible in colder weather conditions.
However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break.
It is normal for materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Decked Out Vinyl Product’s have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings.

Will vinyl burn?

Vinyl has a high flash point of 900 degrees F and does not readily ignite.
It is categorized as “self-extinguishing”.

Will vinyl turn yellow?

No, Decked Out vinyl contains 10 parts titanium dioxide, which stops UV rays from breaking down the vinyl and causing yellowing.

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