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Vinyl Fences Make Neighbors Happy!

Updated: May 30, 2023

They say fences make good neighbors, but we say beautiful vinyl fences make happy neighbors. Your neighbors are going to love sharing your vinyl fence because unlike wood, vinyl fences look beautiful, no matter which side you are on, and they too will enjoy an attractive, durable and, easy to clean and maintain vinyl privacy fence.

Cost of upkeep.

Vinyl has a slightly higher up-front cost than wood, but its long lifespan and lack of upkeep ultimately makes it more cost effective. By about year 5 its cost is about even with a wood or iron fence because you don't have to paint, sand or replace boards.

Quality vinyl fencing will last upwards of 30 years with minimal upkeep, while a wood fence may last up to 15-20 years but requires painting or staining and repairing, and replacing the fence’s boards, all of which costs the homeowner time and money. This also makes it an excellent choice for condominium and townhouse communities who want to keep their maintenance fees affordable.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there was a time a time when vinyl privacy and semi-privacy fences only came in white or tan or khaki but now comes in a variety of natural looking colours including chestnut brown, weathered cedar, aged cedar, sandstone, and dark maple so you can enjoy the look of wood without the work it requires or have the classic white fence that will always look great.

Vinyl is a safe choice for your kids and pets,

Unlike wood or iron a vinyl fence does not rot, fade, warp, rust, splinter, split or decay over time. Children and pets will be safe from splinters and suffer fewer injuries from falling against or running into the fence because it will flex with minor impact. Insects leave vinyl fences alone, and they are fire resistant which makes them a great choice for wildfire prone areas. All our vinyl products are UV ray protected so they won’t yellow or fade and carry a transferable, lifetime limited warranty against yellowing, tearing, peeling, rotting, splintering, rusting & corroding.

To download a copy of the Fence and Railing Warranty, click here.

Does vinyl crack in cold weather?

While vinyl does become less flexible in cold weather only unusual impact, such as a car running into a fence line would cause a break. Our Fence and Railing products have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and are unaffected by cold and hot weather. Scratches and gouges are almost imperceptible as the colour is uniform all the way through and if you do experience an abnormally strong impact (such as a falling limb or a rock thrown from a lawnmower), you can easily replace the damaged piece as vinyl does not fade or yellow.

Additionally, all vinyl products are recyclable, so your vinyl fencing never has to end up in a landfill. Ultimately, a vinyl fence is an excellent fencing choice that doesn't harm the environment and looks beautiful for decades.

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The neighbor behind me has had a white vinyl fence since i moved in in 2007 and still looks great. They replaced caps after hail a couple of times and that's it. My next door neighbor on the other hand installed a wood fence about 5 years and although it looks fine, its probably about due for a staining and some of the boards are warped.

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